Reto Peter - Bio

The job description on Reto’s business card reads “Music Production Specialist”, because listing producer, mixer, engineer, composer, teacher, studio musician, and a voting member of the Recording Academy wouldn’t fit. Labels aside, Reto’s true specialty is being well-versed in the complexities of music production, a discipline he suffered into existence through working with everyone from rock bands in Europe to Hip Hop artists in Oakland.

He is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been actively engineering, producing, and writing music for 20 years at prestigious studios in Boston, New York, Switzerland, and the San Francisco Bay Area, and recently out of his residential studio in Oakland.

In 2004, he was awarded the TEC Award for technical excellence in recording Green Day’s American Idiot, and in 2023 he received a Grammy Award for mixing Alphabet Rockers’ “The Movement” (Best Children’s Album).

He continues to strive for making his current project his best …


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