Artist Project Title Year Credit
ANIIML Oh Awe 2019 Mix
Day/Four Balance Restored 2019 Eng/Mix
The Vibes The World Is Yours 2019 Prod/Eng/Mix
Angelo Vivo 2018 Eng
The Briefs Platinum Rats 2019 Mix
Deer Park Avenue Scars & hate Me Singles 2019 Prod/Eng/Mix
Austin Freeman & The Hard Souls Band Ain't Hard to Chose EP 2019 Eng/Mix
Undercover Presents Midnight Marauders 2019 Mix
Y8S Singles 2019 Mix
Gianni Pontillo Solo Album 2019 Mix
Mars Mechanics Shadow Images of Stolen Time 2019 Mix
Koosh Saxena Sail With Me 2019 Prod/Eng/Mix
Someya 2019 Eng/Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Nephew 2018 Eng/Mix
The Runaway Hearts Sea of Roses EP 2018 Prod/Eng/Mix
Jason Becker Triumphant Hearts 2018 Prod/Eng/Mix
Y8S 2018 Mix
A Head On Fire 2018 Mix
mxmtoon Prom Dress Single 2018 Prod/Eng/Mix
Rob AA Lowe 2018 Eng
The 40's 2018 Prod/Eng/Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Rotblitz Rot Rot Rot 2017 Prod/Eng/Mix
Staring At Stars I Do 2017 Mix
J Piper Pieces of Justice EP 2017 Prod/Eng/Mix
Iari Melchor The Reclamation Project 2017 Mix
Season of the Crow Let It Fly 2017 Eng
Jacquie Joshua Faded Love 2017 Mix
Elhadji Niang 2017 Eng/Mix
ANIIML It's Over 2017 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Flipsyde On My Way – Single 2016 Prod/Eng/Mix
Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions Until The Hunter 2016 Eng
Braggarts Explore New Stars 2016 Prod/Eng/Mix
Tilia Pattern 2016 Prod/Eng/Mix
Cris Rellah Crossroads 2016 Prod/Eng/Mix
Lila Rose All The Beauty – Single 2016 Mix
Virgin Teeth Isaac Newton (OIM Vol 2) 2016 Mix
Be Calm Honcho Bad Man (OIM Vol 2) 2016 Mix
Hot Flash Heat Wave Bye Bye Baby (OIM Vol 2) 2016 Mix
TV Heads Total Fucker (OIM Vol 2) 2016 Mix
Bells Atlas All Is Well (OIM Vol 2) 2016 Mix
O Be There For You (OIM Vol 2) 2016 Mix
Spooky Mansion Mrs John (OIM Vol 2) 2016 Mix
Other Band on Earth Pleasure (OIM Vol 2) 2016 Mix
New Diplomats Replaced 2016 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Juan Zeta Estrella Estéreo 2015 Mix
Spencer I Built This Mountain just … 2015 Prod/Eng/Mix
The Formers The Day We Get Started 2015 Prod/Eng/Mix
Whiskerman Nomad 2015 Mix
YUPP Choir Breaking The Barriers 2015 Eng
Cult Illusion 2015 Eng/Mix
Peter Sue & Marc 2015 Mix
Raw-G Esperanza 2015 Mix
The Other Band On Earth self titled 2015 Eng/Mix
Deer Park Avenue Givers and Takers 2015 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Tiziana 2014 Mix
Blush Lifelines 2014 Mix
Kunz Eifach So 2014 Mix
Tilia Focus 2014 Prod/Mix
Pegasus Love & Gunfire 2014 Mix
Midi Mathilda 2014 Engineer
SEXY 2014 Prod/Eng/Mix
Piper Cops & Robbers EP 2014 Mix
Piper Cops & Robbers Audio Experience 2014 Prod/Eng
Mik Nawooj Orchestra A Hip Hop Orchestra 2014 Mix
Cutty Cash 2014 Mix
Staring at Stars Earthquakes (Single) 2014 Mix
Spencer One in a Million (Single) 2014 Mix
Eleven 36 Golden Cage 2014 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
The Pitchers It's You 2013 Mix
Poor Kings Candle In the Shadows Single 2013 Mix
Republic of Letters 2013 Mix
Crush Distance 2013 Mix
Future Twin Future Twin 2013 Prod/Eng/Mix
Eliane Müller Venus & Mars 2013 Mix
Adrian Stern 1 & 1 2013 Mix
Phil McCammon Mindscrapers 2013 Mix
Mickey Hart Superorganism 2013 Mix
Quiles & Cloud Demos 2013 Eng
Takasa and Salvation Army Together We're One 2013 Mix
Lisa Marie Johnston The Reto Sessions 2013 Eng/Mix
Various The Voice of Switzerland 2013 Mix
Span Rock 'n' Roll Härz 2013 Mix
Yvann 2013 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Cry Before Dawn Is That What You Were Waiting For (Single) 2012 Mix
Betty Legler 2012 Mix
Various Holz Songs 2012 Mastering
Sam Johnson Time Machine 2012 Prod/Eng/Mix
Flipsyde Tower of Hollywood 2012 Writing/Prod/Eng/Mix
Zulfyia 2012 Mastering
Jeremiah Jones Mighty River 2012 Mix
Ensemble Mik Nawooj This Is Why Single 2012 Eng/Mix
Josh Bales Count the Stars 2012 Mix
Fox We Are All Single 2012 Mix
Eliane Müller Like the Water 2012 Mix
Drop Apollo The Holdup 2012 Prod/Eng/Mix
Cemali 2012 Prod/Eng/Mix
Phil McCammon Krautscape Game Soundtrack 2012 Eng/Mix
Mickey Hart Mysterium Tremendum 2012 Mix
CC Martini 2012 Mix
Nils Burri Maybe Someday 2012 Mix
Fox 2012 2012 Mastering
Amie Penwell Under City Lights 2012 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Jillian Edwards Headfirst 2011 Mix
Sharp Objects Sharp Objects 2011 Mix
Drop Apollo New King 2011 Eng/Mix
Christopher Wright 2011 Mix
Lateef the Truthspeaker Firewire 2011 Co-Prod/Mix
Flipsyde The Phoenix 2011 Writing/Prod/Eng/Mix
Christine Olivier Christine Olivier 2011 Mastering
Nico Adams Nico Adams 2011 Mastering
Sam Johnson Tower of Hollywood 2011 Writing/Prod/Mix
Valerie Jeanlois No Drop of Love… 2011 Eng
Layla Goldstein 2011 Prod/Eng/Mix
Rebels Rising Open Fire or Fall In Love 2011 Writing/Prod/Eng/Mix
Kandlbauer Violet Sky 2011 Mix
Partick Ryan Clark Where Would I Be 2011 Mix
Flipsyde Tower of Hollywood 2011 Writing/Prod/Eng/Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Murder Takes Two 2010 Writing/Prod/Mix
Lina Button Homesick 2010 Mix
Chris August No Far Away 2010 Mix
The Measels 2010 Writing/Prod/Mix
Sharp Objects Zero Ambition (Single) 2010 Mix
Oona Shhhout! 2010 Mastering
Seasalt Biscuits The Bunny Tapes 2010 Writing/Prod/Mix
Project 13 2010 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Avenue of Embers Paint Me Red 2009 Mix
Sandeep Bhatt 2009 Mix
Ryan Edgar Ryan Edgar EP 2009 Mix
The Mums The Mums EP 2009 Writing/Prod/Mix
MicroMen Synthetic Rain 2009 Writing/Prod/Mix
Crown City Rockers The Day After Forever 2009 Mix
Macy Calling Out 2009 Mastering
Chris August What Your're Looking for 2009 Mix
Tara Hazelwood Tara Hazelwood EP 2009 Mix
Melissa Rapp The Other Side 2009 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Angela Joyce Only You EP 2008 Mix
Spencer Timewarp 2008 Mix
Flipsyde State of Survival 2008 Eng
Sean Smith Action City 2008 Mix
Starcellar Ok On 2008 Mix
M.I.R.V Live at Slims 2008 Mix
The Mighty Underdogs Droppin' Science Fiction 2008 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Mobile 2007 Mix
The Clowns Not Funny…But Hot! 2007 Mix
Nikos Eliot 2007 Mix
Maldroid He Said She Said 2007 Eng
The Lovemakers 2007 Mix
Adrian Stern Giggerig 2007 Eng/Mix
Maldroid Wanna Touch Remix 2007 Mix
Vanessa Van Spall X-Mas Song 2007 Mix
The Mighty Underdogs The Prelude EP 2007 Mix
The Bruises Connected 2007 Mix
Counting Crows Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 2007 Eng
Adrian Stern EM-Song 2007 Eng/Mix
Russo 2007 Mix
The Lovemakers Misery Loves Company 2007 Mix
Failed Teachers Men's Room Romance 2007 Mix
Fischerspooner 2007 Eng


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Nikki M. 2006 Eng
Glider 2006 Eng/Mix
Adrian Stern Giggerig 2006 Eng/Mix
Florian Ast Läbeszeiche 2006 Mix
2nd Day Crush From The Nights You Lost… 2006 Eng/Mix
The Sparrows 2006 Mix
Melissa Rapp The Other Side 2006 Mix
Love Like Fire Ocean in The Air 2006 Mix
Brad Wolfe Brad Wolfe and the Moon 2006 Mix
Modest Mouse We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank 2006 Eng
Toni Lumiella Sogno Reale 2006 Mix
Flipsyde Trumpets (Alt Version) 2006 Mix
vanessaedita Z'Debut 2006 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Smash Mouth The Gift of Rock 2005 Mix
Ivo Closer 2005 Mix
Gwen Stefani Bubble Pop Electric Remix 2005 Co-Prod/Mix
Lateef the Truthspeaker Crowd Rocker 2005 Co-Prod/Eng/Mix
Sean Smith Action City 2005 Mix
Flypside Someday Remix 2005 Co-Prod/Eng/Mix
Weezer Beverly Hills Remix 2005 Co-Prod/Eng/Mix
Black Eyed Peas Don't Phunk With My Heart Remix 2005 Co-Prod/Eng/Mix
David Immergluck 2005 Eng/Mix
Regarding Emma 2005 Co-Prod/Eng/Mix
Fugo Aie 2005 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Lillix Inside the Hollow 2004 Eng/Mix
The Aktion 2004 Mix
Flypside We the People 2004 Co-Prod/Eng/Mix
Pub La Bomba Start the Jet 2004 Mix
Time In Malta Alone with the Alone 2004 Mix
Opel Book Club Storm Mockera 2004 Eng/Mix
Ali Weiss Ali Weiss 2004 Eng
Monks of Doom What's Left For Kicks? 2004 Mix


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Head Automatica Decadence 2003 Eng
Abdel Wright Quicksand remix 2003 Co-Prod/Eng/Mix
John Brown 2003 Mix
The Network Money Money 2020 2003 Eng/Mix
Green Day American Idiot 2003 Eng
Iggy Pop Skull Ring 2003 Asst. Eng
Smash Mouth Get the Picture? 2003 Eng
ViV 2003 Eng


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Green Day American Idiot 2002 Eng
Machine Head Hellalive 2002 Asst. Eng
Drist Bitter Halo 2002 Asst.
Ned Coloring Book 2002 Prod/Eng
Flyer 2002 Mix
Midi Mathilda 2002 Eng/Mix
Unjust Makeshift Gray 2002 Prod/Eng
The Capsules 2002 Eng
Lillix Falling Uphill 2002 Mix Eng
Luvplanet Luvplanet 2002 Mix Eng
Marty Friedman 2002 Asst. Eng
Peter Edwards Secret Oasis 2002 Eng
James McCurdy 2002 Mix Asst.
Doctor Funk Prescription for Soul 2002 Mix Asst.
Chester Gold and Sparkly This Could Also Be True 2002 Mix Eng
Everything Taken 2002 Eng
Curbside Resistance 2002 Eng.
NREAVIS 2002 Eng.


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Park Ave. feat. Elijah Baker 2001 Eng/Mix
The Flipsides 2001 Eng
Showtime The Outsiders Soundtrack 2001 Asst. Eng
Martin Luther 2001 Eng
Green Day International Superhits! 2001 Asst.
Chris Isaak Always Got Tonight 2001 Asst.
Luvplanet Luvplanet 2001 Eng
D'Wayne Wiggins Me & Mrs Jones Soundtrack 2001 Mix Asst.
Five A.M. Degrees of Falling 2001 Mix Asst.
Merchant Ivory Productions Score for "Mystic Masseur" 2001 Eng/Pro Tools Editor
The Rubinoos 2001 Asst.
Mark Schoeller 2001 Asst.
Louie Moon 'Round Midnight 2001 Mix Eng
Ama 2001 Asst.
Chris Isaak TV Commercial 2001 Asst.
Jerry Hannan 2001 Asst.
Mugwomp Gold 2001 Mastering
Brian Toolajian 2001 Asst.
Hope Child 1000 Open Windows 2001 Asst.
Blueprint 2001 Eng/Mix
Chris Isaak Show Showtime TV Series 2001 Asst.
Castro Sinatra 2001 Asst.


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire The Swimming Hour 2000 Pro Tools Editor
Joe McGinty HBO Soundtrack 2000 Asst.
Lydia Zann 2000 Pro Tools Editor
Chris Moore 2000 Asst.
Jaybender 2000 Asst.
Lach Kids Fly Free 2000 Pro Tools Editor/Eng
Kent 2000 Asst.
Tom Freund Sympatico 2000 Eng
Laurie Anderson Life on a String 2000 Asst.
Fun Loving Criminals Loco 2000 Asst.
David Poe The Late Album 2000 Pro Tools Editor
Martha Wainwright HBO Soundtrack 2000 Eng
Professor & Maryann Professor & Maryann 2000 Eng
Leni Stern Kindness of Strangers 2000 Eng/Pro Tools Editor
Propellerheads 2000 Asst.
Supercar Computer Love 2000 Asst.


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Stephan Smith Swimming 1999 Pro Tools Editor/Eng
Shelby Starner 1999 Asst.
Andrew Wyatt 1999 Eng
James Carter Layin' in the Cut 1999 Asst.
Simi 1999 Asst.
Paris Hampton 1999 Asst.
Harper Simon 1999 Asst.
Loser's Lounge Hot Hot Hot 1999 Pro Tools Editor/Asst.
Sophia Ramos Dupree 1999 Asst.
Weed Killaz Alles Netjes 1999 Prod/Eng
Marisa Monte Memories Chronicles and… 1999 Asst.
David Poe 1999 Pro Tools Editor
The Dictators D.F.F.D 1999 Asst.
Darren Jesse 1999 Asst.
Harmful 1999 Asst.
Jill Sobule 1999 Asst.
Arto Lindsay Prize 1999 Asst.
Ana Torroja Pasajes De Un Sueno 1999 Asst.
Russell Simins Public Places 1999 Asst.
Lars Din 1999 Asst.
Morphine The Night 1999 Asst.
Errortype:11 Amplified to Rock 1999 Asst.
Sarah Morrow Greenlight 1999 Asst.
Barbara Brousal Pose While It Pops 1999 Asst.
Ida Will You Find Me 1999 Asst.
Sponge ESPN Soundtrack 1999 Asst.
Tricky/Mad Dog 1999 Asst.
The Smithereens God Save the Smithereens 1999 Asst.
Lloyd Cole 1999 Asst.


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Too Bad 1998 Asst.
AirstripOne Go Appollo Go 1998 Asst.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Original Cast Recording 1998 Asst.
Stephan Smith Now's the Time 1998 Asst.
Awake Unconditional 1998 Eng
Luscious Jackson Electric Honey 1998 Asst.
Bosshog White Out 1998 Asst.
Cibo Matto Stereotype A 1998 Asst.
Holly Palmer 1998 Asst.
Richard Barone 1998 Asst.
Joan Osborne 1998 Asst.
Ron Sexsmith Whereabouts 1998 Asst.
Soulwax Much Against Everyone's Advice 1998 Asst.
Lars Din 1998 Asst.


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Davide Ravasio Boston Skies 1997 Eng
Lunazone Promo 1997 1997 Prod/Eng


Artist Project Title Year Credit
Bostonian Friends Starlight 1996 Eng
Lunazone Sunshine Drivers 1996 Eng
Crumb Crumb 1996 Eng